Inhalants Abuse

An Addiction Enigma

Of all the different classes of drugs throughout the years, inhalants remain the most misunderstood and ignored. Unlike street drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, or heroin, inhalants and inhalants users are generally not taken as seriously by the mainstream media. Because of this, inhalant addicts face an additional level of stigma and misunderstanding, even in comparison to other forms of drug addiction.

What are Inhalants?

What are Inhalants?

Types of Inhalants

Inhalants cover a large range and variety of abusable substances whose volatile vapors or gases are inhaled or “huffed” to produce intoxication. All typically can be acquired through legal means. Many common substances are used as abusable inhalants such as:

Some of these are pressurized gases which are inhaled upon release while others, such as gasoline and acetone, are put in a container such as a bag and closed in order to ease the ability to inhale the fumes