Synthetic Drug Abuse

A Manufactured Menace

Of all the various substances that have been causing pain and suffering on people throughout the years in the form of drug addiction, none may be more heinous than the drugs that have been specifically engineered to be as addictive and harmful as possible—synthetic drugs. Also known as “designer drugs”, synthetic drugs refer to a large and diverse grouping of substances that have been created in make-shift laboratories using volatile chemicals in unsafe conditions. Often, these drugs are designed to mimic the pharmacological effects of other drugs as to avoid legal repercussions. Make no mistake though—synthetic drugs are just as, if not more, deadly and addictive as any other street drug. The knowledgeable and compassionate team at RU Encore wants to help. If you are trapped in the cycle of addiction to synthetic drugs, call us today.

The Facts and Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

The Facts and Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

What You Need to Know

Synthetic drugs are made in make-shift, clandestine laboratories out of volatile or hazardous chemicals. Due to these conditions, we often cannot even be certain what these drugs contain, making this an especially dangerous class of drugs. The chemicals used have the potential to cause extreme and long-lasting damage to our brains that only increases in severity the more we use. Many of these drugs are also being manufactured and sold legally through various legal loopholes, making treating addiction for these substances that much more difficult. Some of the symptoms which can occur from synthetic drug use include:

  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Cramping
  • Major Depressive Episode
  • Increased Aggression
  • Psychosis and Neurosis
  • Inability to Focus or Concentrate
  • Damage to Kidneys and Liver
  • Constipation
  • Seizures
  • Fluid Build-up in Lungs

If you or a loved one are experiencing these or any other symptoms, please contact your physician immediately and start getting the help you need.