Understanding Roxicodone Abuse

A Dangerous and Popular Substance Abuse Phenomenon

Roxicodone is another brand-name version of the opioid painkiller oxycodone. Along with similar drugs like OxyContin, Roxicodone is used to treat several types of severe pain. It is prescribed by doctors to immediately relieve severe pain and is extremely addictive. Roxicodone is often administered in oral tablets containing a range of 15-30 milligrams of oxycodone hydrochloride. It’s effects mirror those of heroin and it has an extremely high potential for diversion. Roxicodone is only legally available through a physician’s prescription and should not be taken in a manner inconsistent with doctor’s orders. If you or a loved one are suffering from Roxicodone abuse, call RU Encore today to start getting your recovery.

Root Causes of Roxicodone Abuse

Root Causes of Roxicodone Abuse

How Does It Happen?

Roxicodone abuse takes root through various different circumstances, and affects Americans of every age group and socioeconomic background. Whether it’s the older adult suffering from chronic pain or the curious adolescent who steals pills from a loved one’s medicine cabinet, anyone is susceptible. Some of the more common avenues of abuse include:

  • Biological Tolerance Leading to Misuse
  • Theft and Illegal Diversion of Pills
  • Severe Injury Resulting in Long-Term Chronic Pain
  • Graduating from Less Powerful Painkillers
  • Dangerous and Misguided Curiosity

Despite its clinical intent and application, Roxicodone abuse can actually render patients more vulnerable to chronic pain, a condition which is known as hyperalgesia.