Wine Abuse: A Common form of Alcoholism

Alcohol Treatment and The Path to Sobriety

Wine’s place in society is so prevalent that it is easy to forget that it has the longest history of substance abuse of all mind-altering substances. The idea of addiction to wine is sometimes seen as peculiar, something that is trivial and not to be taken as seriously as other forms of alcoholism. RU Encore understands that your problem is no joke—it’s your life and you need help. Sobriety is within reach, call us today at (844) 25-MUSIC.

Compassionate and Effective Treatment for Wine Abuse

Wine Abuse and Addiction

The Pitfalls of Problem-Drinking

There are a number of unique and difficult challenges in achieving sobriety from wine abuse. First, is coming to terms with our problem and recognizing it for what it is—a problem. Our drinking has caused fissures in the relationships with our family members, compromised our work or school life, and robbed us of our sense of identity. We are suffering, hating ourselves, engaging in reckless behavior that results in public shame and disgrace, falling further into despair. Some of the more common signs of wine abuse include:

  • Sloppy or Disheveled Appearance
  • Forgetfulness
  • Discouragement
  • Sudden Onset of Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Drinking More than Usual
  • Excessive Lying or Sneaky Behavior
  • Difficulty with Coordination
  • Rapid Fluctuations in Temperament
  • Smells of Alcohol Despite Objections to Drinking

These could indicate that there is a greater problem at work, one that could kill us. If you or somebody you know is exhibiting any of these symptoms contact us immediately.