Abusing Liquor

The Journey from Alcoholism to Sobriety

Liquor abuse and the alcoholism that follows it is one of the greatest pitfalls that has plagued man throughout history. There is no other drug on the planet that has come close to causing the devastation and pain that alcohol has. Throughout the years there have been numerous ways of trying to combat the problem, but nothing has been able to put a stop to it. While there may not be a cure, that doesn’t mean we must be trapped in the grips of alcoholism. RU Encore’s team knows the struggle that you are going through and want to help. You don’t have to go one more day unable to stop yourself from drinking liquor.

Abusing Liquor

Liquor, Abuse, and Alcoholism

The Cycle of Pain

The repercussions of liquor abuse create an immediate and profound impact on the quality of our lives. We become unreliable and incapable of holding a job, we lose interest in the things and people we love, and for some, we lose our lives. Years of liquor abuse takes a toll on us like few things do, both mentally and physically. We also become less capable of hiding our drinking problem, with some of the most obvious signs being:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty with Coordination
  • Discouragement
  • Fatigue
  • Sudden Onset of Depression
  • Sloppy or Disheveled Appearance
  • Drinking More than Usual
  • Excessive Lying or Sneaky Behavior
  • Rapid Fluctuations in Temperament
  • Smelling of Alcohol Despite Objections to Drinking

These could indicate that there is a greater problem at work, one that could kill us. If you or somebody you know is exhibiting any of these symptoms contact us immediately.